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SouthMACH 2019

SouthMACH 2019, the South Island's leading Technology trade show. See the latest Innovations in Engineering and Manufacturing!

What's it all about?

The South Island’s leading Technology Trade Exhibition celebrating Kiwi Innovation!

SouthMACH 2019 will showcase what Canterbury and the wider South Island industries have to offer on Innovative Technology. You’ll see Augmented Reality, Robotics, A.I., 3D Printing, CNC Machines, Fiber Laser cutting equipment and so much more.

The Innovation Quarter with the Entrepreneurs Development Hub, is all about fostering the growth of Canterbury's future manufacturing technology businesses and connecting them with the networks they need for commercial success.

A full seminar program will touch on current themes and provide a forum for education, discussion and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. ‘Speed Meets’ will provide an opportunity to meet employers looking for people who are planning a career in technology.
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Horncastle Arena, 55 Jack Hinton Dr, Addington, Christchurch

Wednesday 22 May
9:00am - 6:00pm

Thursday 23 May
9:00am - 4:00pm

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Mike Fry

CEO - Titanium Industry Development Association

Wednesday 22 May - 10:00am - New and scaled up methods for additive manufacturing

Additive and Powder Metallurgy processes including 3D printing of metal parts are developing rapidly with 3D printing now transitioning out of niche/prototype parts into production components. Powder bed systems currently offer the most mature metal 3D printing technology, which can be ideally suited to the production of smaller, high value and complex parts.

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Jonathan Zyzalo

Application Field Service Engineer - Dicker Data

Wednesday 22 May - 10:45am - How Jet Fusion is advancing adoption of additive manufacturing

For several years there has been a lot excitement around Multi Jet Fusion technology in the additive industry. This presentation discusses the advantages of the technology and how there are several advantages Jet Fusion has over traditional SLS systems. The talk will discuss the importance of how consideration of additive manufacturing at the start of the design cycle and several ways design for additive manufacturing aids production and efficiency using Jet Fusion.

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Jerome RETIF

Sales Manager Asia / Pacific South - Dassault Systemes

Wednesday 22 May - 11:30am - Industry Renaissance: Digital continuity is the key

In the world of Manufacturing, everything in designing, engineering and building a product can be digitalized and synchronized with real production assets; and it all can be modeled, even before creating the physical process. It’s about managing complexity. Digitalization lets businesses experience their entire production value stream virtually to make concepts “manufacturing ready”.

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Jan Polzer

Lecturer - University of Auckland

Wednesday 22 May - 12:15pm - Industrial implementation of Digital Twins and Industry 4.0 in Process Industry.

The presentation shows how such a system works in a real-world production environment. Furthermore, the increase in productivity is to be seen. The concept can be easily transferred to many other types of industry.

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Jonathan Prince

Director - Caliber Design

Wednesday 22 May - 1:00pm - The value of Simulation.

Simulating the life of your design before it hits production. With FEA and CFD, you can road test your design before going anywhere near a production facility. It will save you time and money and ensure you produce a quality product that performs as expected.

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Dieter Adam

Chief Executive - The Manufacturers Network

Wednesday 22 May - 1:45pm - Skills shortages and the move towards more advanced manufacturing technologies.

How are we going to cope? And how the changes in manufacturing technologies that we are all familiar with by now will affect the balance between supply and demand in the manufacturing workforce in the future.

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Samantha McNaughton

National Manager Strategic Engagement - Competenz

Wednesday 22 May - 2:30pm - Preparing young people for the future of work – are robots taking over?

In this presentation Competenz will apply the yeah nah theory to the robot revolution across their core sectors of manufacturing and engineering. Samantha McNaughton will look at the big picture of workforce development in New Zealand, and share case studies on how Competenz is helping businesses to up-skill their workforce through apprenticeships and training.

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Daniel Paris

Product Development Manager - Motovated Design & Analysis

Wednesday 22 May - 3:15pm - Delivering Product Benefit through Continuous Validation.

This presentation outlines, with examples, how a company that lives by a continuous, concurrent, product validation delivers consistent outcomes that benefit your team, your users, and your business.

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Ben Reid

Executive Director AI Forum NZ

Wednesday 22 May - 4:00pm - Artificial Intelligence, the New Zealand Ecosystem

Ben heads up the AI Forum of New Zealand – an independent organisation bringing together business, academia, and the government advancing the AI ecosystem to help achieve a prosperous and inclusive future New Zealand. He has a 24-year career background in software development and strategic technology consulting, working with a wide range of organisations spanning multinational software vendors, start-ups and government.

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Craig Carlyle

Life Member - Maintenance Engineers Society NZ

Thursday 23 May - 10:00am - Health and Safety suffers from bad PR!

Industry expert Craig Carlyle shows you the fundamental mistakes we make with health and safety, exposes the urban myths and roots and arms you to make some real health and safety change in your workplace in this take out from his national training program.

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Mike Blennerhassett

Health & Safety Inspector - Worksafe NZ

Thursday 23 May - 10:45am - Risk Assessment: A practical approach

Reasons for and examples of adopting a good Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment approach in your business. A few Practical Examples that will touch on machinery, mobile plant, work related health and hazardous substances. A clear Interpretation of the Relevant Legislation, which can be appropriately applied.

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Greg Morehouse

Managing Director - Motovated Design & Analysis

Thursday 23 May - 11:30am - Better By analysis®

The use of simulation technologies like Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimise component life during design and to rectify problems is well established. Implementing an effective analysis approach that truly drives business results remains a challenge for most NZ companies.
In the first part of the presentation, the author shares insights and examples from direct experience leading analysis teams on how to dramatically increase both the quality and quantity of simulation output using a “Better by Analysis” approach. This methodology applies the rapid, self-correcting “Agile” and “Lean Product and Process Development” concepts to rigorous mechanical engineering analysis.

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Ivo Gorny

Project Engineer- Callaghan Innovation

Thursday 23 May - 12:15pm - Industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet of things (IIoT)-Where does New Zealand fit and how to start the journey?

This presentation will demystify Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as well as putting it in perspective of a country where Big Business is Small Business, and shows examples, how to start the journey.

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Warwick Downing

Director - RAM3D

Thursday 23 May - 1:00pm - Cost effective production using metal 3D printing

Warwick Downing has been involved in metal 3D printing since 2008. He was part of the team that set up the first machine in NZ and continues to work extensively in the metal 3D printing arena. Warwick was one of the core members who established TDA Limited and led the organisation until 2016. Warwick will present on the topic of cost effective production using metal 3D printing using many examples he's manufactured for a variety of clients.

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Don Clucas

Senior Lecturer - Mechanical Design University of Canterbury

Thursday 23 May - 1:45pm - 3D Printing, 3D scanning, and student practical work experience.

With the IOT and Industry 4.0 barrelling down the new technology highway the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury is future proofing with the introduction of a new final year subject to complement our 3D Printing and scanning activities. This presentation will highlight some of our 3D Printing successes and where we think the technology is heading. Practical experience of our engineering students is considered essential for hitting the ground running when they graduate. A brief summary of our programme and opportunities for employers will be given.

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Damien Murphy

Snr. Business Consultant - Central Innovation

Thursday 23 May - 2:30pm - Applying Automation to the Design Process and its place in Engineering 4.0

In this presentation Damien will be discussing engineering trends and will show several examples of automation in the Engineering industry. You will hear about some of the successes other companies are having by implementing Solutions that are streamlining their production and we will provide a practical demonstration of automating the design process.


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