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Techweek TV was a series of live, online video sessions broadcast right here on the Techweek website for Techweek19. These interactive panel discussions and presentations give all Kiwis access to the brightest tech minds in Aotearoa. It doesn't get much better than free access to industry experts from the comfort of your office chair or living room!
Be inspired by a huge range of innovation that’s doing good in Aotearoa and the world, and listen to real people having their say at live panel discussions and Q&A sessions. Expect thought provoking conversations covering topics including MedTech, the future of food supply, how technology is being used in conservation, the future of AI and incredible stories from successful Kiwi startups. If you’ve got burning questions, a thirst for information, or you’re looking for inspiration, it’s the perfect opportunity to have a watch and learn something new. 
All live sessions have been recorded and made available to watch or re-watch any time. Explore the session options below!
Brought to you by Callaghan Innovation (check out their sessions here).

Past Techweek TV sessions

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Techweek TV : Techweek Launch: Good for the World

20 May — 7:30am - 10:00am Free

Techweek19 starts here! Join the live keynote and panel discussions from the industry leaders in the CleanTech and CreativeTech sectors.


Techweek TV : How does sports technology enhance human performance?

20 May — 10:00am - 10:25am Free

Join us for a panel discussion exploring how we can embrace sports technology to enhance human performance and well-being for everybody.


Techweek TV : Angel investment and venture capital - what does the future hold?

20 May — 10:30am - 10:55am Free

What’s happening in the angel investment and venture capital space? What might the future might hold? Hear about what’s going on in the sector right now and what’s on the horizon.


Techweek TV : Our Culture and its importance in innovation

20 May — 11:00am - 11:55am Free

Discover how Aotearoa's culture of kaitiaki (guardianship) is setting Kiwi startups apart on the world stage.


Techweek TV : The power of incubators and accelerators for start-ups

20 May — 12:00pm - 12:25pm Free

Are incubators and accelerators right for your Startup? We look at their roles, benefits and how to get involved in Aotearoa.


Techweek TV: 2019’s top technology trends - what you need to know

20 May — 12:30pm - 12:55pm Free

Discover Aotearoa’s top business tech trends for 2019.


Techweek TV: Need funding to take on the world? Here’s your guide to securing capital

20 May — 1:00pm - 1:25pm Free

Join Callaghan Innovation’s expert panel as we explain how to successfully raise capital to scale your business faster.


Techweek TV : The Tech Intern

20 May — 1:30pm - 2:00pm Free

Learn about the importance and role of the Tech intern, hear real world stories from students, companies and Auckland ICT Graduate School.


Techweek TV: Precision healthcare - how can we be in control

20 May — 2:00pm - 2:25pm Free

We unravel how the Precision Health sector is helping people take control of their health in this exciting Techweek TV session.


Techweek TV : What does the future hold for our tech students?

20 May — 2:30pm - 2:40pm Free

Discuss today how students are being empowered to make a positive impact in the future workplace with Professor Guy Littlefair from AUT.


Techweek TV: The New Energy Future

20 May — 3:00pm - 3:25pm Free

What will energy distribution in Auckland look like in the future? Explore the vision of Aotearoa's biggest energy distributor.


Techweek TV: Lessons from past applied to the future

20 May — 3:30pm - 3:55pm Free

Hear from Beca, a 99 year old company, about how actively cultivating innovation is essential to success in a global context.


Techweek TV : Innovation that's good for the world - Auckland showcase

20 May — 4:00pm - 4:25pm Free

We showcase two Auckland organisations doing good for the world. Hear about their impact on the way business is done.


Techweek TV : The Changing World Of Corporate Travel

20 May — 4:30pm - 4:55pm Free

This session explores the future of the corporate travel experience. Meet the emerging Kiwi Tech leaders disrupting this global industry.


Techweek TV : Parenting in a social media age

21 May — 9:00am - 9:55am Free

How do we parent kids who grow up with technology that we don’t understand? Hear from the experts and learn about the support options.


Techweek TV : Changing the lives of people living with disabilities

21 May — 10:00am - 10:55am Free

This incredible session looks at how Kiwi Tech is changing the lives of people with disabilities in Aotearoa


Techweek TV: Commercialising evolving technologies

21 May — 11:00am - 11:25am Free

What are the benefits of evolving tech and how can businesses commercialise them? Find out how to apply the latest trends to your business.


Techweek TV: Financial Empowerment in Aotearoa

21 May — 11:30am - 12:00pm Free

Sharesies co-founders share how Kiwis can become more financially empowered, and walk us through the journey of this FinTech company.


Techweek TV: Exploring New Zealand’s environmental innovation imperative – what is the profit potential?

21 May — 12:30pm - 12:55pm Free

How can Kiwi companies better meet commercial demand for environmental innovation? Hear from our expert panel for their insights.


Techweek TV: How New Zealand can lead the way in the future of food innovation

21 May — 1:00pm - 1:25pm Free

How we eat, grow and consume food is changing globally. Where is disruption happening? How can New Zealand lead in food innovation?


Techweek TV: Edmund Hillary Fellowships - leading the way to a better world

21 May — 1:30pm - 1:55pm Free

From social justice to climate change, discover how the Edmund Hillary Fellowship is building solutions to pressing global challenges.


Techweek TV: Own your idea with a fast IP check

21 May — 2:00pm - 2:25pm Free

Hear from the Intellectual Property Office as they identify the various types of IP and the fast new way to check your trade mark ideas.


Techweek TV : Tech Talanoa - Sharing Pacific stories

21 May — 3:00pm - 3:25pm Free

Sharing Pacific stories that connect, inspire and transform future Pacific journey's in Tech.


Techweek TV: Helping SMEs grow

21 May — 3:30pm - 3:55pm Free

Discover how NZ FinTech companies are helping SMEs in Aotearoa succeed. Join this session as we shine a light on Kiwis helping Kiwis.


Techweek TV : Innovation that's good for the world - Wellington showcase

21 May — 4:00pm - 4:25pm Free

We showcase two Wellington organisations doing good for the world. Hear about their impact on the way business is done.


Techweek TV : How the NZBN will change the future of business

21 May — 4:30pm - 4:55pm Free

A globally unique identifier, the New Zealand Business Number is changing the way we do business. This session covers all you need to know.


Techweek TV : The Truth About Co-Working

22 May — 9:00am - 9:25am Free

This TechweekTV session jumps into the reality of co-working. If you're considering it, join in as we weigh up the pros and cons.


Techweek TV : The role of technology in the future of health

22 May — 9:30am - 10:25am Free

In this TechweekTV session DHBs, Tech developers and medical professionals join forces to discuss how Tech will impact future health care.


Techweek TV: Real World AI in 2019 - practical insights from New Zealand businesses implementing Machine Learning solutions

22 May — 10:30am - 11:25am Free

AI Forum Executive Director Ben Reid joins the panel discussion on AI business cases, from challenges experienced to lessons learnt.


Techweek TV : When Aerospace and AgriTech combines

22 May — 11:30am - 11:55am Free

Tune in as we talk to SpaceBase in this TechweekTV session. We look at the Aerospace Challenge and what they're doing in the AgriTech space.


Techweek TV : Student showcase - Hill View School

22 May — 12:00pm - 12:25pm Free

First Division winners, Hill View Christian School, talk us through their app and how it’s helping volunteers deliver food to charity.


Techweek TV : From R&D to commercialisation: how to succeed

22 May — 12:30pm - 1:25pm Free

Callaghan Innovation’s Research and Technical Services team will provide ‘how to’ guidance on commercialising your R&D.


Techweek TV: Supporting Canterbury's world class tech businesses

22 May — 1:30pm - 1:55pm Free

Canterbury Tech showcases NZ's most active regional tech cluster, the changing face of Christchurch and the future of this dynamic region.


Techweek TV : Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and it's impact

22 May — 2:00pm - 2:25pm Free

4IR describes the new industrial era. Discover how emerging Tech is shaping the future of manufacturing in Aotearoa.


Techweek TV : Smart cities for a smart future

22 May — 3:00pm - 3:55pm Free

Smart cities are appearing around the world. Uncover how emerging Tech is helping to create the safer, more efficient cities of the future.


Techweek TV : Innovation that's good for the world - Christchurch showcase

22 May — 4:00pm - 4:25pm Free

We showcase two Christchurch organisations doing good for the world. Hear about their impact on the way business is done.


Techweek TV : Innovation from the edge

22 May — 4:30pm - 4:55pm Free

Join this TechweekTV session as we interview David Downs, a seasoned kiwi Tech industry expert with a wealth of experience and knowledge.


Techweek TV: Based in a region and wanting to create a startup?

23 May — 9:00am - 9:25am Free

This panel discussion looks at the pros and cons of being a startup in the regions, along with the support available to regional startups.


Techweek TV : Shift to a tech career in less than a year?

23 May — 9:30am - 9:55am Free

How do you move to a tech career in less than a year? This panel discussion looks at ways to retrain into tech, or get tech-job ready.


Techweek TV : Tuia 250 - A Nation Born of Sailors

23 May — 10:00am - 10:55am Free

The Tuia 250 Voyage, understanding the story


Techweek TV: Internet of Things - Are we ready for this continued change?

23 May — 11:00am - 11:55am Free

Get a grasp on the evolution, impact and future of Internet of Things. Also hear from two Kiwi AgriTech companies in this space.


Techweek TV: The urban garden - the untapped value

23 May — 12:00pm - 12:25pm Free

Tim Packer guides us through his practical approach to providing green spaces in cities, from mental health to pollution blocking.


Techweek TV: A look inside Dunedin’s thriving innovative tech hub

23 May — 12:30pm - 1:25pm Free

What’s driving the entrepreneurs that are shaping Dunedin’s innovation landscape?


Techweek TV : Creative Women In Tech

23 May — 1:30pm - 1:55pm Free

How do we ensure the next generation of women see Creative Tech as a career? We showcase stories and achievements of women in the industry.


Techweek TV: How does sport innovate our world?

23 May — 2:00pm - 2:55pm Free

Using the America's Cup as a focus, we examine how world class sporting events lead the way in innovation.


Techweek TV: How are new technologies aiding conservation efforts in Aotearoa?

23 May — 3:00pm - 3:55pm Free

We lift the curtain on the innovative organisations leading the way in animal conservation.


Techweek TV: Innovation thats good for the world - Dunedin showcase

23 May — 4:00pm - 4:25pm Free

Be inspired by the impact two local Med Tech companies are making on the future of our health sector.


Techweek TV: Who is the future human? Shaping future-led customer experience

24 May — 9:00am - 9:30am Free

Who is the future human? What can businesses do to design for the future? Explore life for future humans through the lens of customer experience, work, culture and diversity.


Techweek TV: The new energy future, how are things changing

24 May — 9:30am - 9:40am Free

Electric cars, solar power and growth are changing how we live, work, and travel. Uncover Auckland's energy future with the CEO of Vector.


Techweek TV: Tech for aged care residents - A missed opportunity

24 May — 9:45am - 9:55am Free

A discussion about how digital devices can enhance the lives of those in residential aged care


Techweek TV : The essentials for start-ups

24 May — 10:00am - 10:25am Free

Three companies tell us how they are disrupting and reinventing how they operate to fit the needs of the growing start-up scene in Aotearoa.


Techweek TV : The changing face of financial services

24 May — 10:30am - 10:55am Free

Will open data allow for a more competitive and transparent financial sector? This session discusses the potential risks and benefits.


Techweek TV : How does blockchain work and how is it being applied to advance industries and break norms?

24 May — 11:00am - 11:25am Free

Aaron McDonald, CEO of Centrality, takes us on a blockchain journey. We look at how blockchain works and how it’s breaking the mould.


Techweek TV: Reinventing education for a tech future and addressing inequality

24 May — 11:30am - 12:25pm Free

To close the digital skills gap in the next decade, innovators will need to work together. We get the latest from industry experts.


Techweek TV: Selling up and selling out - what does business success mean in New Zealand?

24 May — 12:30pm - 12:55pm Free

Join our innovation ecosystem representatives as they share their views on business success in New Zealand, and positive market exits.


Techweek TV: Celebrating Māori Innovation

24 May — 1:00pm - 1:25pm Free

Join Māori innovators as they discuss doing business differently, and globally capitalising on our unique Māori heritage.


Techweek TV : Automation in AgriTech - where to from here?

24 May — 1:30pm - 1:55pm Free

A year on, we revisit how the world will be fed in 2050. Look at technology advancements and the use of robotics in food production and farming.


Techweek TV: Taking digital learning beyond the school gate

24 May — 2:00pm - 2:25pm Free

How we can mitigate the issue of digital equality for the youth of Aotearoa? Join the discussion with Chorus and Network for Learning.


Techweek TV: The future of Tech in New Zealand and what AWS is doing about it

24 May — 2:30pm - 3:00pm Free

AWS leader in NZ, Tim Dacombe-Bird, will discuss why AWS is focused on making the world a better place through technology.


Techweek TV: How Kiwis are tackling the global waste problem

24 May — 3:00pm - 3:55pm Free

Learn how the Kiwi Tech industry is showing the world how to decrease waste that contaminates the environment, or goes to landfill.


Techweek TV : Innovation that's good for the world - Auckland showcase

24 May — 4:00pm - 4:25pm Free

We showcase two Auckland organisations doing good for the world. Hear about their impact on the way business is done.


Techweek TV : Rocket Lab - Making space more accessible

24 May — 4:30pm - 4:55pm Free

Rocket Lab is redefining how we access space - join the conversation

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