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Techweek TV : Smart cities for a smart future

Smart cities are appearing around the world. Uncover how emerging Tech is helping to create the safer, more efficient cities of the future.

What's it all about?

Smart cities around the world are using data to more efficiently manage assets and resources. We shine a light on Christchurch, where smart city approaches are being utilised to make the city more efficient for everyone.

Watch this space for more information and soon to be announced panel members! 

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Wednesday 22 May
3:00pm - 3:55pm

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Ed Harvey

CEO, Evnex - Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Ed Harvey is the CEO and founder of Evnex, a company on a mission to build sustainable charging solutions for electric vehicles. Previously Ed worked as a hardware engineer at Dynamic Controls, and graduated from Canterbury University with a degree in electronics engineering.

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Nigel Sharplin


My Mission - help people and companies understand the real value their products and services bring to their customers and through empathy based methods support the design of innovative business models and strategies, products and services to deliver this value and change the game for them.

Growing my own start up technology companies helps me develop these skills to realise how customers perceive value not only in an offering but also in the more universal good we serve in our global community.

InFact is a foundered on Design Thinking principles. We strengthen our empathy skills to help our clients as designers and as coaches to realize the powerful benefits this co - creative user centered methodology brings to business.

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Teresa McCallum

Christchurch City Council (CCC)

Teresa McCallum is the Smart Christchurch Manager and her focus in on delivering affordable and sustainable innovation at both an organisational and city level.
Based at Christchurch City Council, ‘Smart Christchurch’ is trialling technology and approaches that promote Christchurch as an exemplar open and connected city, showcasing solutions that make life better for people and are replicated by others.
Teresa is a graduate of the University of Waikato and has held various management, business change, project, and programme leadership roles in both the public and private sector. She has also managed her own IT training company and management consulting business.

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