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Our part-time office dog belongs full-time to marketing manager Courteney Peters, who can sometimes be found walking around the office with a toy platypus. She insists it belongs to her Schnauzer/Lowchen cross but we're not convinced...

Explain your role at Techweek in one sentence
My role is to provide moral support for the Techweek team, who can all get a bit stressed and need me to take them outside for a walk and let off some steam every half-an-hour. They are very grateful for this.

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Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you
My name is actually Simon Paterson, I was experimenting with an app at prototype stage and something went horribly wrong! My consciousness is now trapped inside this cute dog! Send help! I miss my wife and kids!

What were you doing before Techweek?

And what would your dream job be after Techweek has finished?
My dream job would be to return to my human form and position as a software engineer. But failing that, dog food tester!

Name one thing about Techweek’18 that you’re particularly excited about
Getting my paws on the latest technology, particularly in the VR/AR space. I love that technology is getting smaller and smaller, it makes it easier to steal and bury in the backyard. It’s mine! I found it! Hands off!

What’s your favourite sci-fi or near future novel/film/tv series and why?

Jurassic Park! Because of all the big bones!


We hoped a cute dog would reel you in. While you're here, here's a wee reminder to head over to the Techweek Disco — our  dedicated discussion forum for event organisers and supporters keen to run events during Techweek'18 — where you can start planning your 2018 event. There are already conversations underway about women in tech, plus events in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch — get amongst!




Guest Post by Elphie Doge

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