Event Tips | 7 ways to perfect your Techweek'18 event

The nationwide festival, spanning 19-27 May, provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with consumers, peers and mentors, to inspire others and to build capability.
Events during Techweek vary from major conferences to small meetups on niche topics, hackathons, workshops and networking events. You’re only limited by your own imagination and our 2018 theme, ‘innovation that’s good for the world’.Here are some other event basics to bear in mind when planning your event...


1. Think about your target audience

What do they have in common? Why are they coming to your event and what do they want to get out of it? What type of experience do they value and enjoy? What would make your event one they wouldn’t want to miss?

Our research from previous Techweeks has shown that our core audience consists of investors (local and international), business leaders, technology leaders and experts, professionals in technology, innovation and design industries, and enthusiasts of those industries.

Most of the audience at Techweek come to learn and be inspired, and to make connections to further their businesses and/or careers. Keep that in mind when identifying your content.

2. Think about what kind of event you want to run

What style of event will help your target audience get the most out of it. Here are a few examples:

  • Hackathon

  • Seminar

  • Workshop

  • Conference

  • Panel Discussion

  • Round Table

  • Networking event

  • Awards ceremony

For more on the typical event styles found at Techweek, click here. 

3. Think about your venue

How many people are you expecting. Are you providing refreshments, and if so, do you need a kitchen. Are there bathrooms? Do you have a particular space in mind?

Note: in some cases Techweek may be able to assist event organisers with approaching appropriate venues.

4. Think about what equipment you need

Do you have specific AV or power requirements? Do you need glassware or servingware for refreshments?

5. Be aware of requirements for special permits or licenses

If you’re holding your event in a public place or serving alcohol at a paid event then you may need to obtain a special license from the council.

6. Think about the best way to promote your event

Being part of the Techweek’18 programme means gaining access to a certain level of promotion, but it’s important to think about the best ways to reach your target audience. Most attendees at Techweek’16 learned about events through word of mouth and social media.

7. Think about special touches

You want your event to be unmissable and memorable. What little touches can you offer to do this? Can you make it personal for people, or pull in a particularly amazing speaker from overseas? Can you make it fun or family-friendly? What’s your point of difference? 


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