Dreams of a clean future to light up the Harbour Bridge


This Techweek19, the Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge will be lit up by the imagination of our next generation. The teams at Techweek, Method and Vector Lights, with help from 20 students from Clendon Park School and Manurewa High School, got together to predict the future of the world and turn these ideas into a spectacular light show.

The team at Method briefed the students from both schools, asking them to think about what clean and creative technology meant to them, and how this technology could be used to create brighter futures for us all. Students then got into groups to brainstorm.

 IMG 4785

The resulting ideas were full of creativity, as their imaginations ran wild with questions about the future. What would our lives be like if we all had self-making beds, rocket powered shoes for interplanetary travel and exploration, and Lime scooters that distribute seeds to repopulate our native plants? Students also dreamed up new uses for the familiar icons of clean technology - solar panels, electric vehicles, and wind turbines.

Method then took the students' ideas and wove them into a storyline about the past, present, and future of our world. They also collated some of the students’ beautiful drawings into illustrations to help visualise their thinking.

1 nature2 pollution3 future

The final animation has turned these thoughts and dreams into a dynamic light show, accompanied by a voice over story narrated by the students to tie everything together.

IMG 9013

An unexpected outcome of the project was the lasting impact it had on the students, with one teacher fielding questions for the rest of the afternoon from inquisitive kids who wanted to know more about the future of our planet and clean technology!

The story starts in the past, when our planet was clean and full of life; where nature flourished…
Be sure to come and check it out, 6:30pm - midnight from 20 - 26 May, or watch the show live here.


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