User Experience for Augmented Reality

Join our monthly UX Meetup and learn about UX for AR with Kah and Maurizio

What's it all about?

The user experience of augmented reality mobile games is an exciting new frontier that is always changing. It is very challenging to define fixed rules of best practice when the technical and interaction parameters advance every 6 months.

Maurizio and Kah from The Unathletic ( discuss their experience in designing, testing and developing Pocket PuttAR (a mobile augmented reality golf game) and share their thoughts and experience on how meat space and screen space form the AR play space at different scales. They will discuss their early journey and experiments when developing Pocket PuttAR, including the impact of initial technological limitations of AR on mobile devices, the intended player experience with mobile AR games, and the limitations of interactions with the digital space that the designer provides.

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Victoria University of Wellington, School of Architecture and Design, LT1, 139 Vivian St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand

Tuesday 21 May
5:30pm - 6:30pm

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Maurizio Frances


Maurizio is a designer at Open Polytechnic. When he’s not working on interactive learning tools he’s balancing an ever-increasing amount of game projects. He previously co-founded Wellington-based studio Fiero Interactive, where he spent 4 years designing and developing mobile AR experiences and games for clients such as Red Bull, Hermès and Fly Buys.

Kah Chan


Kah is a designer at Sailthru. He’s formerly the Head of Product Design at Flick Electric Co, and is a recovering academic (don’t judge him too harshly) having been a former Senior Lecturer with Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design

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