UC Connect: Inspired by Nature: Engineering as an Art Form

Inspired by Nature: Engineering as an Art Form

What's it all about?

Beauty in design goes well beyond architecture and ornamentation. It is found in all fields of engineering and has even launched an entirely new field of biologically inspired design called biomimicry.

Biomimicry studies how nature solves problems, such as flight and low-drag swimming, and applies those principles to engineered solutions. This field of study has brought about incredible breakthroughs – microscopic cameras that can “swarm” into a larger image, swimsuits that have the texture of shark skin, and robots that can climb windows or fly like butterflies.

In this upcoming public lecture, University of Canterbury mechanical and biomedical engineer Dr Deborah Munro, will talk about her work designing everything from robotic dinosaurs to orthopaedic implants to prostheses and how studying natural movement informed her best solutions.

You should be present for the whole duration of this event.

Central Lecture Theatres, University of Canterbury, University Drive, Ilam, Christchurch, New Zealand

Wednesday 22 May
7:00pm - 8:00pm

Free event
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Dr Deborah Munro

University of Canterbury Mechanical and Biomedical Engineer

Dr Munro was one of the design engineers for the Jurassic Park Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, where you can view her mother and baby ultrasaur, parasaur, and T-Rex. She also worked for NASA and worked on the AX-5 spacesuit, the infrared airplane-mounted telescope called SOFIA, and an animal habitat that flew on the Space Shuttle. Her recent work has been in orthopaedic implant design and biomechanics, with projects including total hip replacement and measurement of spinal fusion with implanted sensors.

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