The Open Data Model

Do you want total control of your data assets at your fingertips? Learn how the Open Data Model has transformed data governance at MBIE.

What's it all about?

The presentation will show how MBIE was able to quickly and cost effectively gain total control of all their legacy data by using the Open Data Model SaaS data governance software

The Open Data Model’s advanced data metadata repository tells you everything you need to know about your data, what it is, where it is, how it got there and how it gets used. This enterprise spanning view of your data reduces the cost and risk of maintenance and frees up valuable resources for digital transformation.

Legacy data across the enterprise is mapped to a powerful semantic model that is both an index to the data resources and a future state Canonical Data Model (CDM). The CDM shows how the data spread across your silos would be held were it instead held in a single totally integrated database. In this database, data redundancy and inconsistency are eliminated and you have a “single source of truth."

The Open Data Model uses the metadata it has collected about the real-world nature of the data in the enterprise to create and maintain the physical database schema on which the CDM can be implemented. It also provides the functionality and controls that enable the enterprise to move quickly and systematically to that desired future state.

When you add to these features and benefits a Business Glossary that can be used independently to index both data models and legacy data, plus a comprehensive stewardship function and extensive options for collaboration, it is clear that with the ODM you have “data governance in a box.” Everything anyone serious about digital transformation needs to bring 20th century systems into the 21st century.

If you agree with the mantra "Data is our most valuable asset" learn how to unlock the value of that asset.

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IntegrationQA Leap Dojo, Level 8, 93 The Terrace, Wellington

Wednesday 22 May
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Free event
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Mr. Matthew Lewellen

Principal Advisor - Data & Analytics - MBIE (INZ)

Matthew is responsible for the Immigration New Zealand Data Quality workstream – a series of initiatives that seeks to develop a single logical standards-based data model to support improved risk and efficiency analytics. INZ was awarded the NZ Data Champions 2017 trophy at CDAO conference.

Mr. Rodger Nixon


Serial software entrepreneur Rodger Nixon is best known as a founder of the company that created EXSYS, a product Gartner Group called “The first fifth generation language.”

The Open Data Model builds on his insights from EXSYS and in solving complex data management issues for multi-nationals.

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