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Sharing Pacific stories that connect, inspire and transform future Pacific journey's in Tech.

What's it all about?

Tech Talanoa is an event that would increase awareness and inspire Pacific people looking to find out more about Tech and the various pathways into the sector by connecting them with Pacific People in the Tech Sector. Speakers will share stories on their various journeys into the Tech sector and in particular how their Pacific-ness or cultural capital helps them succeed in Tech. An interactive event it will allow people to engage with members of the Tech Sector and provide awareness on scholarships, internships and career pathways into Tech.

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Tuesday 21 May
3:00pm - 3:25pm

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Sandy Antipas

IBM Enterprise Account Manager

Brown broadcaster
Communication specialist
Relationship gatherer
Creative problem solver
IT enthusiast

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Brittany Teei

KidsCoin and Pip Education

Brittany Teei is a proud Cook Island and NZ Maori woman who was born and raised in Central Auckland. She is involved in a wide range of projects across sectors including education, technology, sports, commercial real estate, travel and others.

Brittany currently owns and operates KidsCoin – a financial empowerment technology company that uses digital tools to build healthy habits and mindsets with children in schools. Brittany is an award winning entrepreneur having won the Denizen Heroes Award in 2018 and DigMyIdea Digital Innovation Award among others. She has a background playing professional tennis and represented both New Zealand and the Cook Islands around the world, including competing at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Dehli, India.

She is passionate about doing work that contributes to building more equitable future for communities around the world.

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Winona Ngaro - Malifa

Business Data Analyst, Oyster Workshop Limited

Winona Ngaro - Malifa (MAppliedPrac) is a Data Analyst and tech developer who recently completed her Masters in Applied Application of Technological Futures. Her master's project focused on extracting qualitative and quantitative data on Pasifika Women currently within the IT industry and using their stories as a baseline to develop new engagement frameworks and initiatives to enable a collective approach to encourage pacific girls to explore technology as an enablement tool.

She is of Niuean, Cook Island and American Samoan ethnicity. Her experience extends from working on developing advertising campaigns informed by Pacific data with advertising agencies, evaluating social engagement and the impact of marketing campaigns and advising on how to better engage with Pasifika through digital platforms. In addition to this, she is currently working to develop strategies that will create a pipeline for young Pacific girls to gain and develop skills needed within the Technology sector. Winona is passionate that Pacific women will have a voice in developing the technological algorithms that influence decision making and is determined to equip young girls with I.T skills that ensure they are not left behind in the fast-paced technological job market. Winona has a strong interest in data interpretation and how it tells the narrative of Pacific peoples. This is underpinned by a commitment to increase Pacific representation at the tables that Pacific women are rarely seated at.

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Elise Semisi

Agile Project Managers, SilverStripe

Elise is one of SilverStripe’s Agile Project Managers.

With 10+ years working in the public sector, Elise has worked over 7 of those years at frontline, before taking up an opportunity with an IT project. The initial role was as a Subject Matter Expert, which then developed into a Product Owner and part time Scrum Master. Since joining the project, he has embraced this new concept of ‘Agile’ and has been hungry to learn more and has a strong desire to spread the good word of Agile.

Meeting new people and listening to their views is one thing that Elise thrives on, as he’s able to gauge people’s thought patterns, gather their view on issues, but mainly to expand his views and use the information as a form of personal development. Elise strives to make the work environment a fun and safe place to work, as these are key ingredients to a successful workplace and team.

Elise is a proud Samoan/Tokelauan, where spending time with family and friends is very important, as this is key to a work life balance and is something he stands by.

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