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Techweek TV : Changing the lives of people living with disabilities

This incredible session looks at how Kiwi Tech is changing the lives of people with disabilities in Aotearoa

What's it all about?

Kiwi Tech is helping people living with disabilities in Aotearoa lead more empowered and independent lives. This session brings you the best and brightest in product design and VR, creating a future where barriers are broken down and experiences are made possible. 

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Tuesday 21 May
10:00am - 10:55am

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Marcus Thompson

User Experience & Training, Omeo Technology Limited

Omeo is a powerful two-wheeled self-balancing mobility platform that allows users to travel over uneven terrain, scale inclines and navigate troughs, while also remaining level in the seat – giving access to places such as beaches, forests, tracks and pathways that would be impossible for most other personal mobility devices.

Marcus has been involved in the development of the Omeo from the outset and bought his years of experience of manual wheelchair use and adaptive equipment to the Omeo product development team’s consideration. The Omeo is now patented and has won multiple awards. A video of the Omeo prototype machine went viral on social media (with over 20 million hits) and this saw the beginning of a worldwide hunger for this game-changing technology. People are enjoying it’s life-changing implications.

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Farmehr Farhour

Chief Technology Officer Kara Technologies

Farmehr is the CTO and a co-founder of Kara Technologies, an award-winning high-tech startup based in Auckland focused on providing accessibility to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing through sign language, by utilizing an AI-driven hyper-realistic 3D avatar. Over the past year he has designed, from the ground-up, and shaped the world-first technological stack at Kara.
Prior to Kara, Farmehr has had industry experience in software design and development, with a specific background in Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning. He is a recent graduate from the University of Auckland, having completed his studies in the fields of computer engineering, finance and management.

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