Technology Trends Speaker Series- Internet of Things (IoT)

Tech Trends is a gathering of industry experts exploring and dissecting a core set of technology trends that are billed to change the world!

What's it all about?

Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving at an astounding rate.

As a network of vehicles, appliances, and devices embedded with network connectivity capabilities, sensors, software, and the ability to collect, exchange, and action information and data collected, the IoT, whether we are fully aware or not, has become embedded in every aspect of our lives and yielded a level of connectivity of which we could barely fathom. Worthy of massive investment as the potential for consumer and venture innovation is astounding, such a level of connectivity effects everyone as it is increasingly and inextricably woven into our lives, relevant for all to learn and understand our interaction with; both the positive and negative aspects.

Our session will see two industry experts explore this topic with use case examples and hopefully demystify this tech innovation and what it means for everyone from all walks of life, whether student, entrepreneur, or simply a curious individual. It will involve a Q&A session followed by nibbles and networking.

You should be present for the whole duration of this event.

Unleash Space, Unleash Space, 20 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday 22 May
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Free event
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