Tech stack basics - a guide for the non-techie founders

So you have a solution that requires tech but you are not a techie? This is for you!

What's it all about?

It’s difficult to learn programming all of sudden for a non-tech person with a startup idea! Yet just knowing about the technology stacks, libraries, frameworks and design guidelines could save an Entrepreneurs money, time and improve their product’s quality.
In this free meetup led by Hello Club CTO Adam Reis you will have the opportunity to ponder and ask about technical questions and challenges like:

  • If your start-up needs or is a software product, what tech stack do you choose?
  • How to choose a cloud provider and limit costs to a minimum while you're starting up?
  • How do you get a quality product developed if you lack the development skills in house?
  • How do you know your developers are doing a good job and making the right decisions?
  • How do you define the boundaries for your MVP and get a usable product out there quickly?
  • How do you navigate the challenges of a limited budget and avoid ending up with a half finished product?
  • What kind of release cycle do you follow, and how do you handle bugs, testing, and new feature updates?
  • What tools do you use to automate and scale your billing and technical support?

View the event website for more information.

You should be present for the whole duration of this event.

Basement@Basestation, 148 Durham St, Tauranga

Wednesday 22 May
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Free event
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