Ride the Next Tech Wave - Dr Linda Wright

A Mastermind Session: Dr Linda Wright has started NZ's Hydrogen Association to create a Hydrogen Economy. Fireside chat with Simon Small.

What's it all about?

Dr Linda Wright, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Hydrogen Association, has been the driving force behind the formation of the association from day one.  New Zealand is positioning itself to be a global leader in the Hydrogen Economy through co-ordinated action by private companies and the government.  This is a rapidly growing movement and New Zealand is fully plugged-in to the global landscape of innovation in Hydrogen energy.

The founding members of the association are a mix of global and local companies: Hyundai NZ, HW Richardson Group, Siemens (NZ), Green Cabs, Venture Southland, Real Journeys, Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds, Fulton Hogan and Contact Energy.

Linda will speak about her journey in learning about Hydrogen energy and it's applicability, how she created this association, how Hydrogen energy can contribute to a low-carbon economy and how all of this can benefit this region.

This is part of an in-depth series of interviews with fascinating pioneers who illustrate how to ride a tech wave.

Each day through Techweek we will hear from a pioneer.

All of the 'Ride the Next Tech Wave' sessions will be recorded multi-cam and live-streamed to social media.

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Prime Restaurant and Bar on Waterfront, Upstairs from the street. Studio is behind curtai, 2 Rees Street, Queenstown, New Zealand

Friday 24 May
2:15pm - 4:00pm

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