Tech for Good: What business models work best?

Which tech business models today are poised to be most successful in a sustainable and ethical future?

What's it all about?

Our kiwi compassionate response to the  mosque attacks dramatically demonstrated to the world that “doing good” is integral to  who we are in New Zealand.

Many of us  want our business life  to reflect our values and want our the value of our work to extend beyond more than simply earning us a salary, “Doing good” means incorporating  values into work that we hold dear, such as compassion, addressing climate change, inequality, biodiversity, inclusion, sustainability, and so on.

There are many business models today with different approaches to making money and embracing ethical values.  But planetary limits are being reached and in our future sustainable world, all businesses will have to work within our planetary limits and  at the same time provide a high standard of living for employees and all of society.

This panel will explore  and debate what business models today are poised to be most successful in the near future where sustainability and compassion are increasingly important.  

Our panelists represent a range of operating businesses today that value  “doing good”.


You should be present for the whole duration of this event.

Parry Field Lawyers, 1 Rimu Street, Riccarton, Christchurch

Tuesday 21 May
10:00am - 12:00pm

Free event
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Steven Moe

Moderator, Partner, Parry Field Lawyers

Steven is a Partner at Parry Field Lawyers with 20 years experience (including 11 years overseas in Tokyo, London & Sydney). He helps start-up companies as well as more mature tech companies, social enterprises & focuses on empowering impact & hosts podcast-100 interviews so far.

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Dave Lane

Open Source Technologist at The Open Education Resource Foundation

Dave works for greater freedom, openness, personal agency & aims to be
worthy of trust, combining principles with strong communication & broad
technical skills. He advocates for open standards & only runs Free &
Open Source Software. He's pres of the NZ Open Source Society & runs
Chch FOSS Meetups

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John Ascroft

Chief Innovation Officer, Jade Software Corporation

John oversees Jade's Innovation and Collaboration programmes. He's at the sharp end of product development & client and partner engagements. John, a futurist, has held a variety of technical and management roles during his time at Jade. He is a budding aviator, rides fast motorcycles, & is a cyclist

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Menno Finlay-Smits

Project Manager/lead developer, Cacophony Project

Menno provides technical leadership for the Cacophony Project and helps to develop their field devices and server-side systems, as well as coordinating open source contributions. He has been a professional developer for over 20 years and is a regular contributor to a range of open source software.

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Georgia Robertson

CEO New Zealand @ Humanitix

Georgia is CEO of Humanitix, the world's first non-profit ticketing platform transforming the events ticketing industry. Georgia is excited by the power of business and technology to drive impact at scale. Humanitix was built by doing good business in the experience economy.

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Tim Jones

GM of Growing Good, Kilmarnock Enterprises

"We all have the innate desire to do good in the world. I help you get there by working with those that have an abundance of resources but are lacking the feeling of meaning to connect to a higher purpose, and those that have purpose but are lacking in resources to get to maximise their impact"

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