Building Inclusive Tech Teams

Diversity and Inclusion - we have talked about it, now what? Join us for a panel discussion around future of gender, culture, accessibility in context of technology and team building.

What's it all about?

It has long been established that designing and building products to truly serve a given population requires teams that reflect the diverse needs of that population. Most of us have undoubtedly attended numerous discussions, workshops and events around Diversity and Inclusion in tech. It is not a new topic by any means.

What if we reframed the conversation and imagined that we solved the D&I problem? How did we get here? What were the milestones that we celebrated along the way? What does success look like? What worked and what didn't? Can we really ever solve for D&I or is this one long journey we need to constantly iterate on?

Join us for a conversation with Marise Stuart, Sarv Taherian, Nat Torkington and Andrew Tui to talk about how we help everyone feel valued and included. We will hear about their experiences building and working in inclusive teams and their thoughts on the progress of D&I in the recent years.

Discussion topics for our participants will focus around successful and failed examples of building inclusive teams, the role of allies, and more!

We have one ask - bring an ally with you! We are building an inclusive society and need non-marginalised members at the table.

Our amazing hosts at Xero have provided a safe space for children to hang out, if you'd like to bring your kids along. (Please note you will still be responsible for supervising them.)

You can drop into this event at any time.

Xero HQ, 96 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell, Auckland

Tuesday 21 May
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Free event
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Dr Sarvnaz Taherian

Sarvnaz is a research psychologist who has recently completed a PhD on applying the user centred design approach to understand the needs of people with severe physical disabilities and the contextual elements that may affect the usability and adoption of brain-computer interfaces. She's a co-founder of Thought-Wired, a hi-tech social start-up creating brain-sensing technology to allow people with disabilities to communicate.

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Dr Marise Stuart

Dr. Marise Stuart founded her own health consulting company “AI Moemoea”, which aims to support organisations to realise their moemoea (dreams) starting from the seed of creation, and acknowledges the role that data and artificial intelligence (AI) will have to perpetuate such moemoea. Marise is also the Clinical Advisor to Vensa Health; and is an advisory board member to Citizen AI.

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Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington has been active in web development since the early days of the web. He wrote the bestselling Perl Cookbook, and chaired conferences for O'Reilly Media for a decade. Nat has worked in networking, publishing, events, disruptive technology, security and education. He now runs Kiwi Foo Camp and helps startups grow. He is an incredible ally in the tech community advocating for building things that will make a difference.

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Andrew Tui

Andrew Tui is a careers professional who has worked in the secondary and tertiary sector to help students kickstart their career journey. Currently working as the Employability Manager at Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus, he is passionate about helping students navigate the tech sector. With years of experience working with students from different demographics and backgrounds, Andrew is in tune with the breadth of challenges of starting out in tech.

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