Techweek TV 2018: 10 Billion Mouths

On Wednesday 23 May, we travelled with Mike and Raj from Access Granted to Tauranga, to present Techweek TV powered by facebook live. They spent the day interviewing fascinating Agritech innovators and investors, and learning about the future of food. Watch below.

Hear Arama Kukutai of Finistere Ventures talk about investing in agritech globally

Hear Aaron Brunet of Sunfed Meats talk about making chicken-free chicken that tastes amazing

Hear George Kellerman of Yamaha Ventures and Steve Saunders and Alistair Scarfe of Robotics Plus talk about robotics and automaton in agriculture

Hear Dr Rosie Bosworth, future of foods strategist, talk about New Zealand's plant-based future

Hear Richard Wildman from Knode talk about his agritech start-up

Hear Sarah Nolet of Agthentic talk about working together in agriculture

By Courteney Peters

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