FAQs | Everything you need to know about Techweek'18

Techweek is a national festival amplifying New Zealand innovation that's good for the world. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the 2018 festival. 

What are the key dates for Techweek'18?
  • Official programme launch: 21 March 2018
  • Event submissions close: 13 April 2018
  • Techweek'18: 19-27 May 2018
Where does Techweek take place?

All over the country! In 2017, Techweek was proud to host a programme of more than 287 events in 24 locations nationwide during the festival.  In 2018, we're growing again, and for the first time, the Techweek team are co-creating four hero events that tell the story our most exciting companies and the ecosystems that connect them, in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga (see more info about when and what below).

Why host an event during Techweek'18?
Festival events during Techweek are created by you, the community, and vary in scale from major conferences to small meetups on niche topics, hackathons, workshops and networking events. You’re only limited by your own imagination and our 2018 theme, ‘innovation that’s good for the world’. Hosting an event during Techweek enables you or your company to:

  • connect with consumers, peers and mentors
  • inspire New Zealanders with your innovative idea, product or business
  • build the capability of New Zealanders, whether by inspiring the next generation or fostering discussion with peers

Having your event published in the Techweek'18 programme means adding your voice to a movement that's all about harnessing technology and innovation to save the world. It sounds cheesy, but it's true! Aside from the feel-good, super hero vibes coming your way, you also get a listing on our shiny new event platform, discounted rates if you use Eventbrite, and the eyeballs of thousands of New Zealanders who will be jumping online to find out what's going on thanks to a nationwide marketing campaign. So the real question is, why shouldn't you be part of it?

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What is the theme for the Techweek'18?

Innovation that's good for the world. After Techweek'18, during which we were finding local answers to global questions, we spent time examining New Zealand's innovation ecosystem to uncover the things that make it unique:

      • New Zealand innovators like to have a purpose behind what they do, and to work to find solutions to challenges that everybody faces - we want to be good for the world
      • We have a history filled with successful innovators who have changed the world, which makes it much easier for the next generation to follow in their footsteps
      • Our country is small, and in this case, that's a good thing, because in New Zealand it's so much easier to find and meet the people you need to make stuff happen
      • Being far away from the rest of the world means we've gotten really good at figuring things out for ourselves - we're creative thinkers who aren't afraid to try to do things
      • Our country is small, progressive and stable, making it the ideal testing ground for new technologies from EFTPOS to Facebook's latest timeline 

It’s our mission at Techweek to celebrate all these great things but we’ve chosen the first point as our rallying cry for this year’s festival because it makes us so so proud.

I want to run an event at Techweek’18, but I need help to pull it off, where do I go?

The Techweek community is here for you in your time of need, and we’ve created an awesome platform where you can connect and help each other – whether you’re looking for a venue, a sponsor, or someone to speak. It’s called the Discovery Forum, sign up here and join the conversation >> 

If you're totally new to hosting events, you may find the following articles helpful: 

I have submitted an event idea to the Techweek’18 programme, what’s the next step?

Once the Techweek team in your region have checked it over, they’ll accept and you’ll get access to the event management portal – where you can build an awesome event listing and start selling tickets and marketing your event. 

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Can you tell me more about Techweek's headline events?

Alongside the Techweek festival programme of user-created events, this year the Techweek team are also co-creating four hero events that tell the story New Zealand's most exciting companies and the ecosystems that connect them, in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga. 

We want to create a cohesive festival experience for local and international guests, so we encourage you to think about how your event might tie in to Techweek's headline events. 

For example, if you’re planning an event around the future of food in Auckland, you might like to consider scheduling it on an alternative day to Wednesday, so that guests who share your specialist interest have time to attend both the Headline agritech event in Tauranga, and your food event. It also means the two can work to promote each other. 


Key organisations across Auckland throw open their doors and welcome you to a series of talks, panels, networking and hosting opportunities in an ecosystem deep dive over one packed day.

Presented by Techweek and the Trans-Tasman Business Circle 

10 BILLION MOUTHS (on sale now!)

World-leading dairy and horticultural industries have established New Zealand’s reputation as a producer of fine food, and now the country’s collaborative agricultural ecosystem is shifting its focus to the development of sustainable ways to feed the world. Will the future of food production rely on robots and data, or a global consumer shift toward alternative proteins? Join the discussion at 10 Billion Mouths, and meet the new artisans of agricultural innovation that’s good for the world.

Presented by Techweek and Wharf42

(on sale now!)

Globally, New Zealand is also known as Middle Earth – the country that worked together to bring Tolkien’s fantasy world to life. The ideas, products and companies that flowed from that work span many sectors and applications. This is a day celebrating all things creative in film, TV, AR, VR and more.

Presented by Techweek and Holxr

(on sale now!)

New Zealand’s location at the far- end of the world has led to a specialty in producing materials for and from extreme environments and situations. The applications span from winning international yacht races to sending rockets into space. Come and meet the innovators who are reaching for the stars.

Presented by Techweek and the Manufacturers Network

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