Techweek19 - Day 7 Highlights

At the Coding & Robotics class for Kids this morning, children aged 6 - 9 learned how to control an Edison robot by writing code to control its various sensors – light, ultrasonic, sound and more! This event was a collaboration between Scratchpad and Clearpoint.

Image from iOS 19

Kids used bar codes for the robot to avoid obstacles, track lines, follow light and bounce off borders

Image from iOS 20

Children gather around a demonstration of a balancing robot

Also this morning, Robot Smackdown featured kids coding robots to pay table football, robots fighting, VR headset coding, 3D printing, and a robot arm that printed photographs from photos taken on a phone:

\Image from iOS 17

Image from iOS 18

Girls from infants to teenagers got together on Sunday afternoon for the STEM Girls event at MOTAT. The team at OMG Tech set the children up with knowledge and know how to code their own ideas and wire circuits into a fun dance game!

Day 3 of the Alexa Games Hackathon was the most fun day - where each of the teams got to showcase their creations. There were a range of entries from a language game, to a drinking game and a mixture of those in between!

Screen Shot 2019 05 26 at 10.40.13 PM

Photo: Techfugees

The Techfugees Hackathon also wrapped up today - well done to everyone who participated!

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