10 Billion Mouths: the presentations

Missed our Agritech conference, 10 Billion Mouths, during Techweek? You can catch up on everything that happened on the webcast thanks to Callaghan Innovation here...

Arama Kukutai

Exploding populations, rising labour costs and increasingly unpredictable climates: the problems agriculture is facing globally require urgent answers. Alternatives to traditional food sources and farming methods are revolutionising the way we think about feeding the world. New Zealand’s reputation as a producer of high-quality meat and dairy products affords us unique opportunities as the world’s boutique farmer, which New Zealand Agritech companies are leveraging in all sorts of imaginative and inspiring ways. Our keynote speaker, leading agritech venture capitalist Arama Kukutai of Finistere Ventures, started the day by setting the scene, sharing global trends and demonstrating how New Zealand is responding to the challenge of a predicted global population of 10 billion by 2050.

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Collaboration in Agritech

Collaboration is vital – it fosters the generation of new ideas and refines existing products – but doing it successfully can be a challenge. Collaboration within the New Zealand agricultural sector is something we can be increasingly proud of; our size, location and culture mean well-connected communities, united by a globally-focused attitude. How can this collaborative spirit can be cultivated in other sectors that are typically more isolated to generate supportive, interconnected tech ecosystems? This panel discussion uncovered the not-so-secret-secrets of successful collaboration. Panellists included: Toni Laming, The Lincoln Hub; Shane Stuart, Bay of Plenty; Nicky Molloy, Callaghan Innovation and Sarah Nollet, AgThentic.


Where did this kiwifruit come from? Who grew it? What journey did it go on to end up in your lunchbox? Consumers are increasingly asking these types of questions when it comes to food. Being able to answer them convincingly – and with proof – can provide multiple benefits for businesses, and not only from a brand perspective. A worrying imitation trend poses numerous threats to food producers. This panel discussion focuses on the issues at stake in produce traceability and speaks to some of the tech solutions New Zealand is developing in response.

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Start-up Showcase

Brendan Darby - MaramaLabs
Visit the MaramaLabs website

Empowering the world to be smarter with our land
Matt Flowerday - GPS-it
Visit the GPS-it website

Knode - Automated Farm Monitoring
Richard Wildman - Knode helps you track and measure assets that are important to your farm.
Visit the Knode website

Robotics Plus Showcase

Robotics Plus was founded in Tauranga in 2009, the fourth business within Steve Saunders’ horticultural solutions portfolio, the Plus Group. It began with a fortuitous meeting between Saunders and then PhD student, Alistair Scarfe. Saunders was on a Zespri Group-organised research trip to Massey University scouting for ingenious solutions to some of the horticulture industry's biggest challenges. “Through the Plus Group we had a world class pollination company,” Saunders says. “I had this idea about how we could robotically pollinate or robotically pick fruit.” Scarfe and Saunders started talking about how to make that exciting vision a reality, and, according to Scarfe, “it’s all really spun out from there.” Continue reading >>

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The Future of Food

What will the food on our plates look like in 10, 50 or even 500 years? From pea protein-based alternatives to good ol’ beef and lamb, from vertical farming methods to autonomous robot harvesters, this session is designed to delve into the possibilities the future brings, and offer examples of ways in which theory and research is already being applied in global markets. This inspiring 15-minute talk by Sanjeev Krishnan was followed by a panel discussion of industry experts. 


Breakout sessions

How to use the art of storytelling to connect with your global customers - presented by the New Zealand Story Group

Learn how being of New Zealand (as opposed to ‘from New Zealand’) can play a powerful role in building and creating meaningful relationships with your customers and distributors. This hands-on workshop, presented by NZ Story, will help you engage with your customers through storytelling and by infusing the values and characteristics that make us the ingenious Kiwis we are.

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By Courteney Peters